The radical step taken by Government of India has had predictable response in the country. A good many Indians are rejoicing that Kashmir, finally, after seven decades, got fully integrated into India. However, India being a democratic country, a number of people are resenting the repeal of Article 370 that lent Kashmir a special status. There are also people, mainly commentators, complaining about the manner in which it was done and the passage on the J&K Reorganisation Bill, while they endorse the action. Reactions to this historic development cuts across communities and regions - wrote dr. D.K. Giri (Prof. International Politics, JMI) in comment Containing Global Fallout.

During the almost 30 years of his existence, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has tried a bit more than a dozen defendants, out of which the ICC chambers have found eight guilty. In no single case did ICC chambers sentence a defendant against the will of a government, on whose territory he had committed the crimes he was judged for. This paper argues, the ICC has become a prosthesis for governments in fragile states, which lost their grip on parts of their territory or whose judiciary is too much in shambles to punish perpetrators of mass violence - writes prof. Klaus Bachmann, CIR associate, in analysis A whip against violent dissidence.

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US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran (JCPOA) in May, 2018, and tough sanctions that followed, have recently escalated in new tensions between the West and Tehran. The “war on tankers” and shooting down of an American drone over the Strait of Hormuz were met by Washington with strengthening of its military deployments in the region. Meanwhile, Iran – disillusioned with the European attempts to save the JCPOA - started enrichment of uranium above the limits allowed by the nuclear deal. It seems that the Middle East is on the verge of a new war which could shake not only the region but also the pillars of the European Union, and change the European political sphere - write Mahan Charmshir, CIR associate in analysis Iran – US relations. Is war approaching?